Round 5 and 6 of 1988 F1 Championship

Round 5 took place at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Notre Dame Island in Montreal.

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Jools took pole followed by Figmito42 and CallsignHideous

Jools had another poor start but then went on to win, lapping the whole field with the exception of Prost in the McLaren. Figmito42 and CallsignHideous both suffered engine failures.

Round 6 sent the drivers to Detroit, USA. A much-maligned temporary track with endless 90 degree corners.

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A couple of fresh faces appeared for practice and one in particular caused a stir, setting the timing screens alight.

More testing and more drivers took to the track, hopefully they’ll be able to make future races and continue to fill up the grid. Cuddles again taking fastest lap in the sessions and in the underpowered Rial. A car that failed to Pre-Qualify in the 1988 season.

As for qualifying and the race. Jools took pole in the Williams with Hideous in second. Cuddles elected not to qualify in this race and start from the back.

In the race Hideous took the lead at the start with Jools dropping back to 7th. Berger took the lead on lap 2 and Jools passed Capelli for 6th. The top 6 then circulated in close contention for the first stage of the race before Jools began to make his way past Hideous, Prost, Alboreto and Senna before taking the lead as Berger pitted for tyres on lap 13.

Hideous pitted for a new wing lap 16 after a brush with the wall and fell back to 17th. He then made his way back through the field up to 6th by lap 36 before retiring with damage on lap 37

Meanwhile Cuddles has made his way through the field and into second behind Jools by lap 15. Over the next 11 laps the lead swapped several times as they dealt with very unhelpful AI backmarkers, before finally Cuddles built a gap which held around the 9-12 second mark until lap 39 when Jools pitted for tyres. On the new rubber Jools began to reduce the gap but a collision with a barrier and the loss of his wing ended his hopes. So he settled with taking the race fastest lap.

It was then a fuel saving end to the race with Cuddles and Jools finishing with 0.2 litres and 1.10 litres respectively.

The final result was as follows.

Race report and standings are available here.


Next up Paul Ricard in France.

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