Round 7 and 8 of 1988 F1 Championship

Round 7 took place in France around the Paul Ricard circuit. Qualifying was tight at the front with Jools pipping Warrior by two-tenths of a second. Hideous in eighth, Figmito in fourteenth and GhostDog and Domestos lining up twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth respectively

Jools had a poor start and was last by the end of lap one, Warrior had a great start from second and took the lead. Hideous lost a couple of places while Figmito made his way from fourteenth to tenth place by lap 17.

Jools spent his race making his way through the field, back to second place by lap 63 and came home second place, 3 laps down on the race winner Warrior.

Hideous and Figmito fought over ninth place with it eventually going to Hideous.

GhostDog and Domestos suffered suspension failures on lap 28 and 46.

Round 8 in Britain was around the incredibly fast Silverstone

A familiar situation as Jools took pole ahead of his rivals.

Another familiar situation as Jools stuffed up the start. Hideous got a great start from third and led the field as Warrior also dropped back. End of lap one the positions were

1. Hideous
2. Prost
3. Alboreto
4. Piquet
5. Phoenix (AI)
6. Figmito
8. Warrior
25. Jools

Domestos spun and beached his car forcing him to retire with engine damage.

Hideous built up a lead over the next laps. While Figmito made his way up to as high as third until he lost connection on lap 36. Warrior worked his way up from eighth back to second and began chasing Hideous, he took the lead when Hideous was forced off track on lap 13. These positions remained the same until Jools passed Hideous for second with a lap remaining when Hideous pitted for a new wing after damage.

With Round 7 and 8 concluded, Jools holds a slender lead over Hideous owing to his consistency. Warrior is closing on both of them fast. Though drivers only get to count their best 11 results out of 16 so that will come into effect after the Italian Grand Prix is finished.

Round 9 is this weekend at Hockenheim. The circuit Hockenheimring plunges through a forest in the Rhine Valley. Here the cars will speed down long straights between the chicanes, look out for slip-stream battles with cars passing and re-passing each other before trying to brake from 220-mph for the corners.

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