Rounds 9, 10 & 11

Germany, Hungary and Belgium have now staged their rounds of the championship and the next race will be at Monza where some competitors will have to start dropping results as only their best 11 will count to the final standings.

Current standings are as follows.

Round 9 – Germany

Only Warrior and Jools took part in this event. Other drivers were represented by AI.

Warrior beat Jools to pole position by about a second with Alain Prost in 3rd place. Senna, Berger and Alboreto filled out the top six.

Warrior dropped to third off the start, Prost led away followed by Berger, Warrior, Senna and Jools. By lap 7 Jools had made his way into the lead with a pass on Prost, Warrior was soon to follow on lap 8.

First and second remained like this until lap 20 when Jools went off and was forced to pit for a front wing. Warrior was untroubled from this point on, while Jools could only recover to finish sixth

Full results here

Round 10 – Hungary

Jools, Warrior, Hideous and GhostDog took part in this event. All other drivers represented by AI.

Warrior took a dominant pole position two seconds clear of Prost. Jools and Hideous qualified sixth and eighth, 2.8 and 3.2 seconds off the pace respectively.

At the start Warrior bogged down and was tagged by an AI Benetton into Hideous which put both drivers losing their wings and ending up at the back. Watch the incident here.


Jools benefited from a good start and passed Prost and Berger for the lead by lap 14. Meanwhile Hideous and Warrior fought their way back up through the order. Hideous was up to 18th of Lap 44 when he was disqualified for track cutting. (This was unfair on him as we were unable to work out how he could serve his penalty.)

Warrior charged through the field at a phenomenal rate and by lap 27 he was into second place and 15 seconds behind Jools. By the time Jools pitted on lap 34 the gap was down to 9 seconds. Warrior came in the next lap for fresh tyres and the chase resumed with the gap still at 9 seconds.

The gap reduced lap on lap down to 1 second until Warrior tangled with the AI on lap 42 it returned to 9 seconds. Again he had it back down to 1 second by lap 50. Between lap 51 and 56 the lead changed to Warrior, then back to Jools and finally to Warrior again as they struggled to get through backmarkers. Finally, a mistake from Jools and Warrior was 20 seconds clear. He built on this lead taking it up to 26 seconds before another clash with the AI resulted in him losing over half a minute to Jools. With seven laps to go Jools was once again in the lead with a 10 second gap. Over the final seven laps Warrior repeatedly put in new race fastest laps as the gap came down.

Lap 71 – 8.3 seconds
Lap 72 – 7.1 seconds
Lap 73 – 4.3 seconds
Lap 74 – 2.6 seconds
Lap 75 – 1.7 seconds
Lap 76 – 0.8 seconds with one lap to go.

Warrior tried to pass Jools on the final lap but with the Budapest track being notoriously difficult to pass on, Jools was able to keep him behind. In the turbulent air Warrior made a mistake in turn 11 and span. Jools crossed the line to take his second win of the season and his first since Canada.

Full results here

Round 11 – Belgium

Warrior, Jools, Hideous, Phoenix, Kazimierz and GhostDog took part in this race.

Kazimierz joined the league for this event and took one of the McLarens. His practice pace put him favourite for pole position but in the end Jools took the pole followed by Warrior. Kazimierz took third and Hideous rounded out the top six.

Warrior made a great start from second to lead into the first corner followed by Prost, Jools, Alboreto, Berger and Piquet. Hideous and Kazimierz were both tagged by AI into turn one and spun round ruining both drivers’ races.

Jools tangled with AI on lap 5 and dropped to seventh but was back up to second by lap 11. From here in a reverse of the previous race he began to reel in Warrior. He reduced the gap from 12 seconds down to 6 seconds by the time they both pitted on lap 21. However on fresh tyres Jools found no grip and slid off the track, by the time he got out of the gravel he was lapped, he made it two more corners before his engine failed from overheating. Warrior was only able to make another lap before he also suffered engine failure.

This left Hideous as the highest placed human driver and he made his way back up from his first lap wreck to ninth place by the end, running out of laps to place any higher. Phoenix and GhostDog finished fifteenth and sixteenth with Kazimierz retiring on lap 32 with suspension damage.

Full results here


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