Round 12 – Italy

Warrior needs two more wins and he has the championship wrapped up. Jools, Warrior, GhostDog and Kazimierz took part in this round.

Qualifying went well for the human drivers with them taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 20th positions. Jools took his seventh pole of the season meaning that he cannot be caught now for total poles in a season and would win the Pole Position Trophy if it existed in 1988, unfortunately, they did not start it until 2014

Kazimierz had shown a 1:26 in practice but could not replicate it so ended up 2nd on the grid, Warrior in 3rd and GhostDog in 20th.

The race got underway on the third time of asking and Jools, surprise surprise, got away poorly, ending lap one in 14th. Warrior got past Jools and then was mugged by Alboreto and Prost to end lap one in 4th. Kazimierz got a great start and held onto the lead.

By Lap four Warrior had cleared both the McLaren of Prost and Ferrari of Alboreto and tried to chase down Kazimierz. Jools had gone from 14th to 6th.

Standings end of lap 4


A few laps later and Warrior was edging closer to Kazimierz, Jools had made his way up into 4th place with only Prost between him and Warrior.

Standings end of lap 9


During lap 11 Kazimerz went off and fell back through the field to 23rd as he lost over a minute and a half of time. From there on he was fighting to get back up through the field until his brakes failed on lap 34

Jools was up to 2nd by lap 13 and at this point was 18.6 seconds behind Warrior. By lap 16 he’d got it down to 13.8 seconds.

Standings end of lap 16


Unfortunately a costly mistake on lap 17 and it was back up to 20 seconds. It remained around this time as they made their way the back-markers.

Gap between Warrior and Jools lap 16-26

Jools took on fresh tyres on lap 27 and came out of the pits 40 seconds down on Warrior. He attempted to use the fresh tyres to close in the hope that Warrior would need to pit.

Gap between Warrior and Jools lap 27-41

Jools wasn’t catching Warrior fast enough even if the Rial driver needed to pit, on lap 42 Jools went into the Curva Parabolica little too hot and lost over half a minute in the gravel before he got going again. Warrior had a lead now of 1:06 and although Jools got it back down to 56 seconds by the end, Warrior was now coasting to victory.


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