Round 13 – Portugal

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Jools took pole position in dominant fashion from Warrior and Figmo42. Phoenix qualified up in 15th place, still using a controller rather than a wheel. GhostDog made an unexpected and welcome appearance to started from the back.

Figmo made a great start from 3rd, passing Jools and Warrior, but Alain Prost got the best start of all though and lead into the first laps.

Behind him, Jools and Figmo were going wheel to wheel. Jools passing Figmo, only to be repassed a few corners later. Warrior all this time keeping a watching brief on them all from fourth.

Lap 3 Figmo went a little deep into Curva VIP and span, allowing Jools and Warrior past. Figmo rejoined in 6th behind Alboreto.

Jools and Warrior both managed to pass Prost on the same lap and began to gap the rest of the field. Jools putting in a series of fastest laps and began to pull away.

Lap 71:19.145 1:20.026
Lap 81:19.053 1:19.534
Lap 91:18.984 1:20.130
Lap 101:19.072 1:19.985

Lap 12 they began to encounter backmarkers and the gap between the leading two stabalised around 6 seconds until Jools was pushed off track by one of the AI on lap 17 and Warrior passed him, it was a short lived lead though as on the next lap GhostDog lost control while being lapped and tangled with Warrior. Jools nipped back past and Warrior chased after.

This time however Jools was not able to pull away as fast and it remained between two and three seconds as they cut through backmarkers. Jools decided to pit just before half distance on lap 30 as he was approaching a gaggle of backmarkers. Warrior briefly took the lead but pitted the next lap and rejoined in second.

Jools gained about a second from stopping early taking the gap to 4.5 seconds. As they started to put in lap times on their new rubber it was Warrior who was initially more comfortable. Lap 33 they both set new personal best times.

Warrior – 1:18.306
Jools – 1:18.607

Warrior would run into issues for the next two laps though with a mistake on lap 34 and being forced to take to the run-off going into Orella by backmarkers on Lap 35 which gave Jools a lead of 12 seconds. Jools extended this to 16 seconds by lap 41 before Warrior began to reel him back in.

At the end of lap 46 the gap was down to 12 seconds when Jools ran deep into Parabolica Interior and got stuck in the gravel. Warrior drove past as Jools was still trying to reverse out. When he got going again he was 25 seconds behind with 23 laps to go. Below is the 23 lap chase to the end.

Warrior crossed the finish line 4 seconds clear of second placed Jools for his sixth win of the season.

While all this was happening Figmo from his spin on lap 3 had been having a terrible time with the AI. In total he made five visits to the pitlane and made his way from 25th place on lap 10 to finish a gut wrenching 7th place, one place outside the points.

Phoenix had managed to qualify his car in 15th place, but with no traction control or ABS allowed, struggled due to having to use the controller. Frequent lock ups meaning he had to pit six times for tyres.

GhostDog qualified 26th and suffered engine failure on lap 14 running 24th.

Full report here


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