F1 1986 – Rules

Note: The league will now be using rFactor 2 1986 Mod

You will need a fully up to date version of rFactor and the mod. This should be handled by the Steam workshop.


  • The #1 rule is that all drivers must be good sportsmen and women, respect your rivals.
  • No deliberate ramming.
  • No blocking – You may defend your line but you must then stick to that line, no weaving to prevent a pass.
  • F1 is a non-contact sport.
  • There will be no restarts. Be careful into the first corner


If you feel wronged by another driver in a race do not retaliate then or get angry on voice comms. Lodge a dispute after with the time it happened and who you have a grievance with.

The other drivers will then vote on the incident.

If the vote is guilty another vote will be held for punishment.

Available punishments are

  • Grid Penalty for next race
  • Time added to result
  • Disqualification from the race
  • Disqualification from the championship

This should make the league self-policing and everyone behave. Please remember as it is online that lag could contribute to a collision so where possible please give the benefit of the doubt.

Driver Aids

You may have your aids set however you like but they will be made conform with the following list by the server.

  • TC – banned
  • Anti-lock brakes – banned
  • Stability control – banned
  • Auto shifting – banned
  • Steering help – banned
  • Braking help – banned
  • Auto clutch – allowed
  • Invulnerable – banned
  • Auto pitstop – banned
  • Opposite lock – banned
  • spin recovery – banned
  • AI toggle – banned

Race Format

  • Practice/Qualifying – 120 min Free Practice session unlimited laps
  • Race – 100% historical length or 2 hour time limit
  • No refuelling
  • Tyre stops allowed
  • Flag rules – normal
  • Fuel usage – normal usage
  • Tyre usage – normal usage
  • Mech failures – on

Time Table

  • Practice – 19:00 local UK time
  • Warmup – 21:00 local UK time
  • Race – 21:05 local UK time

Zulu times will be posted in discord before events.

Practice/Qualifying Session

There will be one combined practice and qualifying session. Unfortunately the qualifying engine cannot be used in multiplayer so we will be qualifying with race engine and tyres.

The 5 or 6-speed gearbox choice is at driver’s discretion.


As with the real 1986 season, only a drivers best 11 results will count towards the championship.

Points will be awarded as follows

1st place – 9 points

2nd place – 6 points

3rd place – 4 points

4th place – 3 points

5th place – 2 points

6th place – 1 point


Absent players will be replaced by the AI of the historical driver. They will not score points for the driver, only the team.

Setups & Telemetry

Setups may be obtained from any source, shared with other racers or created yourself. There is no obligation for anyone to share their setup. Instructions for uploading your setups and telemetry can be found in the Discord channel.